can help you get licensed.  Interested in an insurance career
selling auto, homeowner's, trucker's or worker's compensation
 Need an insurance license for your job? Interested in
a turn key operation where you own your independent insurance

Located in Los Angeles, California our insurance prelicense courses can help you with the
first two crucial steps that will get you closer toward achieving your goal.  
provide you with the insurance training you need to get your California insurance license:

The first step is enrolling in one of our prelicensing courses, but first you must decide on the
type of license you are interested in getting, Personal Lines or Fire & Casualty.  A
Lines License focuses on insuring the property of individuals.  A Fire & Casualty License
focuses on insuring the property of individuals and businesses.  

If you currently hold a Personal Lines License you qualify for an
insurance license
, to a Fire & Casualty License, by taking our Commercial Insurance course.  Upon
completion of the Commercial Insurance course, the California Department of Insurance
will recognize the upgrade, and they will automatically issue you a Fire & Casualty

The second step is to take and pass the
California insurance exam for the corresponding
prelicensing course.  The Personal Lines License examination consists of 90 questions and
requires 63 correct answers in order to pass.  The Fire & Casualty License examination
consists of 150 questions and requires 105 correct answers in order for you to pass.  If you
do not pass the exam the first time, retake the course as many times as necessary, at no
additional cost.

If your goal includes setting up your own insurance agency, we provide the support
necessary for you to accomplish this goal.   We guide you on the ins and outs of setting up
own insurance brokerage agency and make it as close as possible to a turn key
operation.  By the way, we are the only insurance school willing to go the extra mile.
Insurance School, L.L.C.
Prelicensing & Continuing education  
Broker / Agent / Solicitor                       Located in Los Angeles, California                              (323) 268-4116
Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you sell insurance without a license
you are subject to a $50,000.00 fine and/or 6 months in jail.
( Insurance Code #1633)
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